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Thursday, June 13th

08:30-09:00   Reception
09:00-09:20   Perpignan University's President Address

09:20-10:20   Keynote by Anne Schlotmann 

Information Integration and Cognitive Development

10:20-10:45   Coffee Break

10:45-12:05   Session 1: Health & Well-being

10:45-11:05   Cantisano, Herath, & Muñoz Sastre
Heart attack self-diagnosis: How do individuals judge heart attack symptoms?

11:05-11:25   Fruchart & Rulence-Pâques
Mapping judgments of elements of subjective well-being in mountain rambling

11:25-11:45   Rosier, Guedj, & Muñoz Sastre
Announcing the discovery of unsolicited findings from genetic testing: French patients’ views.

11:45-12:05   Fraux & Muñoz Sastre
Ethical issues associated with gene therapy: A pilot study

12:05-13:30   Lunch (Buffet)

13:30-14:30   Keynote by Philip Moore

Can Information Integration Theory Save Democraty?

14:30-16:30   Session 2 : Moral, Social, & Political

14:30-14:50   Lochmann & Guedj
Under what conditions do French lay persons and health professionals accept breaching doctor-patient confidentiality regarding a patient with signs of terrorist radicalization?

14:50-15:10   Bringuier, Py, & Michel
Information integration theory and acceptability of lying in job interview

15:10-15:30   Coffee Break

15:30-15:50   Hommers
Concurrent effects of amount and proportion of recompense on moral judgment

15:50-16:10   Nacher, Kpanake, & Muñoz Sastre
Judgment of acceptability concerning the search for biological identity in different family contexts: French people’s views

16:10-16:30   Pineda Marin
Lay people judgments toward acceptability of amnesties in the Colombian armed conflict context
16:30-17:00   Poster Session 1


Friday, June 14th 

9:00-10:00   Keynote by Etienne Mullet
Forgiveness: An Information Integration Approach

10:00-12:05   Session 3 : Diverse Topics

10:00-10:20   Morales-Martinez & Lopez-Ramirez
Engineering students´ self-efficacy judgment regarding to online or in-site assessment of statistics learning

10:20-10:45   Coffee Break

10:45-11:05   Wang & Chang
Cognition Structure of Computational Thinking

11:05-11:25   Kpanake
Acceptability of quarantine in contexts of communicable disease epidemics

11:25-11:45   Hommers
Integration of importance with moral informers

11:45-12:05   Agrech, Michel, & Py
What is the relation between explicit and implicit attitudes towards doping, with information integration theory in mind?

12:05-13:30   Lunch (Tapas)

13:30-14:30   Keynote by Sergio Masin
A simulation study of the power of the test for interaction in a single-subject repeated-measures two-factor design

14:30-16:30   Session 4 : Methodology & New Applications

14:30-14:50   Vicovaro
Cognitive algebra and physical laws: an overview of 40 years of research

14:50-15:10   Zarrouck & Fruchart
Influence of motives on decision-making process in sport

15:10-15:30   Coffee Break

15:30-15:50   Masin, Weiss, & Brancaccio
Comparison of response methods for eliciting brightness judgments

15:50-16:10   Hurgobin, Le Floch, & Lemercier
Factors affecting consumers’ purchase acceptability of apples: a scenario-based study

16:10-16:30   Morales-Martinez & Lopez-Ramirez
Perceiving natural disasters: a functional measurement approach

16:30-17:00   Poster Session 2
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